Touched by an Angel Massage Therapy

Relax and Unwind...


Angel's Signature Massage
A Medium to Deep Tissue Massage. Which includes Aromatherapy, Myofascial Release and Polarity Therapy. Allow me to customize a massage for your specific needs.
30 min., 60 min., or 90 min.

Hot Stone Massage
Utilizing heated basalt stones, essential oils and combined with deep tissue techniques. This massage promotes deep relaxation and body balancing.
90 min.

Ease the discomforts of pregnancy and labor. Massage techniques and support pillows will help you relax and care for both you and your baby. I will adapt your massage for any stage of pregnancy.
60 min.

An ancient Chinese technique that stimulates pressure point massage on the feet and hands to relieve tension and restore a smooth energy flow throughout the body.
Can be added to any treatment.
30 min.

Ear Candling
A centuries old practice used to relieve pressure, wax buildup, and inner-ear blockage. This soothing and relaxing treatment involves placing a slow- burning cylinder is the lit at opposite end to create a vacuum, which pulls the wax and moisture from the ear.
30 min.

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Treats restrictions in connective tissue using subtle traction or positioning. Light positioning is applied to the body to free the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, allowing connective tissue to release and rebalance itself.
60 min.

     Chair Massage
Take a break from your busy day with a stress reducing, fully-clothed, seated massage.
15 min. $20.00
Come see me on your lunch break!

Massage and Bodywork
30 minute$35.00
Series of 3$90.00
60 minute$60.00
Series of 3$165.00
90 minute$90.00

Gift certificates available

Out call service is available

Aromatherapy is included with all Massage and Bodywork

Essential oils, which are extracted from herbs, flowers, resins, woods and roots.

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A series of massages and bodywork treatments is the best way to reach your health and skincare goals, also provide the maximum benefit to you. A savings is provided to you when you purchase a series of treatments. You may redeem within one year of purchase.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount, by mail, or phone. They are non-refundable ad non–transferable. They can be used toward any service.

Cancellation Policy
A 24-hour cancellation notice is required. 100% of original service fee will be charged for a "no show".